Ab-strak shuh n

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The AFK collection is a unique and eclectic collection of Canadian Art. [ab-strak-shuh n] takes selected works from a breadth of approaches to abstraction in art from our permanent collection and provides educators, students and the public a variety of entry points into this broad genre.

Some works are based upon recognizable imagery, such as landscapes, whereas other works are based on ‘pure’ abstraction; formal elements of art such as colour, shape, and texture. It should be noted that AFK focuses on collecting works from artists who are willing and available to provide workshops to students and teachers. As curators we acknowledge that in the exhibition there is an under representation of female and minority artists.

The objectives of this exhibition are: inspiring potential future artists, encouraging students pride and confidence in their art, and aligning elements from BC’s new curriculum of process, play, inquiry, and exploration. Abstract art achieves all of these requirements..

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