Reframed : Painting & Collage by Tiko Kerr

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Reframed features new work by renowned Vancouver artist, Tiko Kerr.

Throughout his more than 30 year-long career, Kerr has explored the concept of perception through painting. His most recent works continue along this line of inquiry, while drawing on images from art history and popular culture, to explore the contemporary moment of widespread unrest and trauma. Kerr’s paintings often begin as paper collages cut from modernist artists’ monographs and interspersed with personal ephemera, and his recent works rely on a mix of cubist, surrealist and pop art sensibilities in their automatic and irreverent mashups of high and low culture.

Meredith Preuss is a Vancouver based curator. She previously served as Director of Capture Photography Festival, and has been an independent curator for the past seven years. She’s a published writer and art critic, and an active volunteer in her community. She currently resides in North Vancouver where she is a member of the City of North Vancouver Public Art Advisory Committee.

This exhibit runs from May 8 - August 31, 2019

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